The Cartesio line offers different solutions for clinical charts cart, among which you can choose the configuration that best suits your needs.

The Cartesio carts find their best expression in the clinical charts’ version: thanks to the high configurability, a lot of solutions are available, with doors and internal dividers for folders, drawers and spacious internal document filing compartment.
Designed to solve specific needs for the transport of medical records, documents and computer, the Cartesio carts are characterized by a sturdy and high quality structure. Aluminum and stainless steel are the core materials of this robust, lightweight and multi-purpose cart.

Line 9CA23 is designed for documentation and medical item storage. The cart features two doors at the front, each with a 260° opening angle and a key lock closure.

Line 9CA24
the ideal solution for chart and folder organization. Standard features: a sliding worktop; a spacious internal document filing compartment and a base storage compartment;the sliding worktop offers a comfortable writing surface, 113cm from the ground; an optional centralized key lock simultaneously closes both worktop and drawers (if present).

Line 9CA25 an additional chart and folder organizer cart solution with a worktop surface 97cm from the ground. Standard features: a sliding worktop; a spacious internal document filing compartment; a H300mm filing drawer on telescopic slides.

Push handles in die-cast aluminium with an epoxy coated finish or in anodized aluminium for versions with doors; Four load-bearing cart frame columns in robust anodized aluminum supports; The internal walls and base are in sheet aluminium. The external walls are made from aluminium panels with an epoxy coated finish; Corrosion resistant; Aluminium alloys and stainless steel ensure excellent protection against rust; The use of aluminium alloys makes the cart extremely lightweight.

• SAFETY - Easy cleaning and disinfection. No sharp edges or loose parts. Quiet running.
• CONFIGURABILITY; - Multi-use cart. Drawer, door and sliding worktop compositions. Vast accessory range.
• CORROSION RESISTANT - Aluminium alloys and stainless steel ensure excellent protection against rust.
• LIGHTWEIGHT - The use of aluminium alloys make the cart extremely lightweight and therefore easy to manoeuvre.


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Base fitted with 4 plastic swivel castors diameter 125 mm, 2 of which are fitted with a brake (at the front). Soft plastic swivel bumper mounted above each castor.
Stainless steel accessory rail support (profile 25 x 10 mm). Useable length: 370 mm.
An ergonomically shaped handle in anodized tubular aluminium is fixed to both sides of the cart. The handle position permits a full door opening.
A rounded profile stainless steel handle is fixed to each door. An anti-trauma key lock closes both doors to safely secure the cart contents.
Various formats of folders can be filed in the generous sized filing compartment. The filing compartment is designed to accommodate a vast range of supports allowing the format and number of folders/charts to be varied.
Total drawer access, H150mm on telescopic slides and with a drawer removal system.
Contoured handle with an ergonomic grip in die-cast aluminium with an epoxy coated finish.
Rounded profile stainless steel handle for easy worktop slide and filing compartment access.