Versatile height-adjustable emergency stretcher which can be used for transporting and treating patients.

Time is a critical factor in emergency situations. Getting results from tests quickly with a high degree of accuracy enables medical staff to make rapid diagnoses that could save a patient’s life. When designing this stretcher, great care was given to its functions and construction solutions were designed to simplify and speed up the work of medical personnel that enables high quality, precision x-ray examinations without moving the patient from the stretcher. The radiolucent properties of the composite materials of the backrest are far superior than that of traditional HPL platforms, enabling doctors to get reliable results, without artefacts and with a high degree of detail for analysis.

Thanks to the adjustable height of the Procedural model, medical professionals can always find the most ergonomic height while treating a patient.

• Single-piece polyethylene moulded plastic mattress support platform, completely radiolucent, designed for quick and easy cleaning and disinfection.
• Covered in plastic making it easy to clean and disinfect with storage compartments and large cylinder holders.
• Highly stable columns for safely adjusting the height and tilt of the stretcher.
• Fixed ergonomic push handles.
• Linear design fold-down siderails with ample side protection for increased patient safety.
• Bumpers to protect the stretcher and walls of the rooms in the event of a collision.
• The backrest can be adjusted to increase patient comfort, alleviating any suffering .
• Washable 200 mm wheels with central and directional locking system that increases the stability of the stretcher when stationary.


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La barella Sherpa è stata sottoposta a molti test di carico al fine di garantire l’utilizzo in assoluta sicurezza anche con pazienti di peso elevato.
è garantita per un carico di lavoro sicuro (SWL) pari a 315 kg e un peso paziente di 250 kg.
Ha superato tutti i test di stabilità laterale e risulta estremamente stabile anche con il piano rete in posizione di altezza massima.
La spinta necessaria a movimentare la barella caricata con 250 kg è inferiore a 10 kg.