The innovative Alien wall units are the latest range from Favero Health Projects. They are constructed using the highest performing materials: aluminium and DuPont™ Corian® combine to make the product easy to sanitize and guarantee ease of infection management, key features in the healthcare environment. The doors are made entirely of DuPont™ Corian®, including handles, while the frame is a container created from a sheet of folded and lacquered aluminium.

The flexibility of configuration and dimensions, the large range of internal accessories and the quality of the materials used are just a few of the features of the technical wall units in the Favero Health Project range.

Alien technical wall units can be equipped to meet any sanitary material stocking requirements, and can be adapted to any available space. The internal space can be divided by using ISO 60x40 cm trays, which integrate perfectly with the wall modules and allow further internal subdivision by means of the insertion of a range of internal dividers.

Flexibility, loading capacity, simplicity of use of the sides with ABS guides, with simple wire integrated in the tray or telescopic guides which enable the load capacity to be increased, thus assisting with the management of heavier articles such as liquid containers.

The handles are shaped from a sheet of DuPont™ Corian® and heat moulded and integrated into the door structure to become a single unit, thus avoiding dangerous joints and making it easier to clean them. The elegant design of the handle is further enhanced by possibility to select from a range of special colourings which differentiate it from the other colour schemes selected for the door.

The hinges have been designed by Favero Health Projects technical office and are in aluminium alloy, allow 270° range of movement and can be adjusted along three axes. The hinges are fitted with a mechanism which ensure the perfect closure of the doors.

• The frame is fitted with a dustproof strip which ensures airtight closure of the doors to prevent dust and dirt built-up on the inside of the units.
• To ensure effective, precise and secure closing of the doors, a magnetic strip is fitted around the entire edge.
• Doors and fronts in DuPont™ Corian® 12 mm thick with clear glass 4mm thick.
• Frame in folded and lacquered aluminium.
• Base of plinth in steel (also available with feet or castors).
• Possibility to equip the internal space of the units with removable ISO 3394 trays.
• Glass available in clear or opaque satin.
• Corian handles integrated into the structure of the door.


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Il materiale scelto per le ante della linea ALIEN è un materiale ampiamente sfruttato nell’arredo ospedaliero. Composto da minerali naturali e composti acrilici avanzati il DuPont™ Corian® è rispondente alle più esigenti specifiche sanitarie, adeguato per la lotta alle infezioni nosocomiali e garanzia d’igiene. Permette inoltre di facilitare il confort di pazienti ed operatori permettendo di spaziare nello studio di colori, forme, facilità di pulizia.
Il materiale infatti si presta alla termoformatura, è durevole, rinnovabile e permette la totale eliminazione degli spigoli. Il materiale inoltre è inerte, ipoallergenico non tossico e possiede intrinseche proprietà ignifughe.
A testimonianza della diffusione dovuta all’affidabilità del prodotto, risponde ampiamente alle normative e alle specifiche dell’industria alimentare. Le superfici non consentono la crescita di funghi e batteri, il materiale è stato certificato da un laboratorio indipendente quale materiale igienico ai sensi della norma internazionale DIN EN ISO 84.