We invest in technology to invest in people

The trick is the art of using science and technology wisely so as to give substance and form to ideas. The trick is to know what you’re doing.

At Favero we have always invested in research, in new design systems and manufacturing technologies so as to improve both the processes and the products themselves, all the while never forgetting that the human component is what makes the difference even in the most sophisticated automated environment. This knowledge has led to a line of products that are both functional and attractive, that bring designs to life, because what we want is to improve the lives of patients and guests as well as that of the people who help them.

Beyond the product: systems and integrated solutions.

We know that the quality of patient care goes beyond individual operations. It depends on complex intervention and on a range of factors that must work together in the best possible way.

Our experience in real-world healthcare environments provides us with invaluable insight into the dynamics and importance of patient care.

It is this direct experience that drives our research and development work. The requests and observations we gather in the field allow us to simplify individual operations and optimise the entire work flow by offering integrated systems and operations.


The work of the operator and the patient’s condition are subject to risks; this awareness
is what prompted us to manufacture our products in such a way as to prevent any possible dangers linked to their use, thus ensuring the highest possible degree of safety.


We reduce the risk of contagious bacterial infections through strict sanitation treatments
of our products, ensuring greater protection over time and thus achieving the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, also by using anti-bacterial Microban® technology.


We analyse the relationship between the person and the environment to make ergonomically designed products with the aim of reducing the psychophysical fatigue on the operator and increasing patient comfort in all circumstances.


Our products are available in a widerange of colours, the result of a long and careful consideration on the benefits of Chromotherapy. Chameleon-like, they adapt by varying accessories and configurations to meet your needs.